Launch of the European Bioeconomy Observatory Pilot website

08 October 2014

The European Bioeconomy: making the concept a reality

The European Commission has today launched the pilot website of the European Bioeconomy Observatory, marking the latest evidence of progress towards making the European Bioeconomy Strategy a reality. The Observatory is the first attempt to gather and present in one place vital data about the development of the bioeconomy. It will be a critical resource for policy-makers, business people and other stakeholders designing the policies and investments at national and regional level. The pilot website is being launched at a major conference in Turin organised by the Italian Presidency of the EU, which aims to shift the focus from developing the concept of the bioeconomy to its practical delivery on the ground. An innovative bioeconomy is vital for the re-industrialisation of Europe and could produce 1.6 million new jobs by 2020 and 90.000 by 2030 in the maritime and biobased chemical sectors alone. The European Bioeconomy Panel and the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research will release new reports at the conference, with the latest thinking on how to realise the potential of Europe's bioeconomy.

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