Industrial biotechnology: the key to European bioeconomy

10 June 2013

Creating conditions that allow the bio-based industry to grow is an important part of a competitive European economy. A bio-based economy, including a bio-based chemical industry, can contribute to creating jobs and to achieving smart and sustainable growth in Europe.

In order to accelerate the transition to a bio-based economy modern use of biotechnology is key. Deploying the full potential of biotech innovation will enable the European industry to deliver high value bio-based products to consumers and create new commercial opportunities.

However, to date, major hurdles retard the uptake of biotechnology in Europe. These hurdles include technological bottlenecks, market entry barriers, fragmented policy framework as well as limited availability of venture capital. Europe needs a clear perception of these hurdles and an integrated approach to overcome them.


EU-funded BIO-TIC project was launched in 2012 with the vision to establish an overview of the barriers to biotech innovation and find solutions to accelerate the uptake of industrial biotechnology in Europe.

Complementing the vision of BRIDGE, BIO-TIC aspires to boost European competitiveness in bio-based markets by aligning key R&D areas with end user market requirements and translating new technological innovations into commercial opportunities. In addition, it wishes to establish an integrated European policy framework and a transparent methodology for annual reporting on biomass use for non-energy bio-based products in Europe.

To read more about the activities of the project, visit the BIO-TIC website.

The BIO-TIC Partnering Platform

The BIO-TIC partnering platform is a cooperation platform that provides access to thousands of companies, universities, research institutions and various other stakeholders of the European bio-based community.

This free online information and communication service is offered by the BIO-TIC project to encourage cooperation, joint research and technology transfer. The platform will enable you to find and contact potential business partners across Europe in order to strengthen the European bioeconomy.

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