EU factsheet demonstrates bioeconomy's contribution to Green Deal

19 November 2020

The European Commission has published a new factsheet emphasising the importance of Europe's bioeonomy to achieving the EU Green Deal.

Mariya Gabriel, the EU's Commissioner for Innovation & Research, highlighted the bioeconomy's contribution, noting that "its potential to connect and implement transformative policies holistically, the bioeconomy will contribute to all dimensions and objectives of the European Green Deal. Research and innovation will enable Europe to lead the green and digital transition". 

The factsheet notes that the bioeconomy can be a catalyst for systemic change, tackles the economic, social and environmental aspects of the Green Deal as well as seeking new ways of producing and consuming resources while respecting our planetary boundaries and moving away from a linear economy based on extensive use of fossil and mineral resources. 

It also highlights the bioeconomy's contribution to almost 9% of the EU-27 labour force and 4.7% of the EU-27 GDP as well as the more than 2,300 bio-based plants in Europe. 

You can consult the factsheet by clicking on the button below.