Bioeconomy regions in Europe

16 November 2017

Key to the success of the BBI JU project success is interregional cooperation, which fosters bio-based technology scale up. Therefore, the role of regions was the main focus of the General Assembly Open Session of the Bio-based Industries Consortium in February 2017, which provided 13 regions with the opportunity to pitch BIC Full members to explain regional strengths, available biomass and potential financial incentives. BIC also gave the floor to the Vanguard Initiative Bioeconomy Pilot, which is aimed at facilitating the creation of cross-regional demonstration projects using smart specialisation strategies.

Since many more than the 13 selected regions were interested in joining the initiative, BIC developed a brochure in which bioeconomy regions can present themselves in a 2-pager, providing relevant qualitative and quantitative information on the region. This ‘living’ document will be updated with further regional contributions. Regions that would like to add their bioeconomy assets to this document should contact Suzy at the Bio-based Industries Consortium (