BIC publishes FAQs relating to the ‘special RIAs’ or ‘cash RIAs’

28 May 2018

Thanks to a change in the BBI JU Regulation in January 2018 it is now possible under the 2018 BBI JU Call to participate in projects ‘in cash’, as a contribution to the industry commitment to the BBI JU.

The so called ‘special RIAs’ or ‘cash RIAs’ include a special eligibility criterion to encourage ‘in cash’ financial contributions by so called “BFNRs -  beneficiaries not receiving funding”, meaning large industry members of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) in BBI JU projects. A consortium that submits a project proposal must include at least one partner that is a BIC large industry member on 6 September 2018 and during the entire duration of the project.

Following numerous requests for clarification from interested parties BIC has published 3 new FAQs to shed further light on the background and conditions for ‘in cash’ contributions at project level:

  • Why was an amendment of the BBI JU Regulation required?
  • What are the new ‘special RIAs’ (also called ‘cash RIAs’) introduced in the BBI JU Call 2018?
  • How can large enterprises that are not yet a member of BIC participate in the ‘special RIAs’ topics in the BBI JU 2018 Call?

For legal text reference is made to the BBI JU Call for proposals 2018 and Guide for Applicants 2018.