BIC Partners with Bio-Based World News

15 February 2016

BIC has partnered with Bio-Based World News as a useful platform to advance BIC and the BBI’s mission, both in Europe and in the US.

About Bio-Based World News

Bio-Based World News is your new dedicated guide to the latest news and essential business developments for bio-based chemicals and products. Launched in October 2015, we cover the projects, policies and personalities shape the future of the bio-based industry and give you the intelligence and insight you need to succeed.

Each day our editorial team deliver must-read information from our community of experts. Our global contributors include industry pioneers, scientists, policy makers, brand owners, engineers and technology specialists on everything from laboratory development, feedstock and supply chain management to securing funding, gaining partners, marketing and growing profits. We also keep you up to date with the key legislative and political changes that will influence your business.

We focus our energy on this area of the bio-economy and nowhere else. If you share our desire to drive the bio-based chemicals industry forward, would like to be a part of the discussion or just want to hello contact us today: