BIC in Lithuania to bolster support for bio-based activities

18 February 2020

During a two- and half-day visit to Vilnius and Kaunas in Lithuania, BIC staff offered assistance to support bio-based activities in the country. 

BIC met the Minister of Agriculture and his cabinet members, representatives from the office of the President, the Ministry of Economics and Innovation and an organisation of Lithuanian municipalities. 

In Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, BIC was hosted by the chancellor of the Vytautas Magnus University and staff from the Faculty of Bioeconomy Development and the Agriculture Academy. BIC’s draft country report on Lithuania (to be published in Q1 2020) and our findings on the enormous potential for bio-based operations received broad praise. 

The country has residual streams from its agriculture, aquatic and industries, a strong chemical industry and an internationally renowned biotech hub. Lithuanian authorities, industries and municipalities will assist BIC with updating the country report. BIC will revisit Lithuania in April for industry-focused meetings and to further explain the country report and how BIC’s expertise and network can enhance bio-based operations.