BIC annual report 2018 - milestones reached, setting positive tone for the future of the European bioeconomy

27 June 2019

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) published its latest annual report outlining its key achievements in 2018.

Reflecting on last year’s activities, BIC Executive Director Dirk Carrez noted that:

“Industry is continuing to establish new innovative value chains, and projects are increasingly market-focused, delivering better products to the market and responding to consumer needs through the growing involvement of brand owners and end-users. We also observe a growing awareness of the bioeconomy and broader participation from EU-13 countries. In essence, BIC and the BBI JU are setting out what we seek to achieve - structuring the bioeconomy in Europe through closer collaboration between industrial sectors and disciplines.”

More about the 2018 report

  • As a new feature in this year’s report, we have put a fresh focus on new members that joined BIC in 2018, reflecting BIC’s increasingly diverse membership. In 2018 we witnessed a growing interest from brand owners, marine & aquaculture and agriculture, food and feed sectors.


  • We have introduced new handy tabs on the righthand side of the report to easily navigate to the section that interests you the most.


  • The report is leaner and more condense, reducing the number of pages to twelve when compared to previous year’s reports. Instead of bulky sections of text, we have opted for a more visual annual report that is easy to read and to digest information.


We are always interested in hearing your feedback, if you have any remarks you would like to share with us on the 2018 annual report or have suggestions for next year’s report, please send them to Ben Kennard, BIC Communications & Stakeholder Relations Manager, at