BIC and EIP AGRI join forces to mobilise actors on the ground on the potential of bioeconomy strategies for the agriculture and forestry sectors

04 December 2014

BIC is the private partner in the European Public-Private Partnership on Bio-based Industries (BBI). The BBI is focused on using the EU’s untapped renewable resources to make greener everyday products such as food and feed ingredients, renewable chemicals, biomaterials and fuels through innovative technologies and advanced biorefineries. Fostering a sustainable supply of biomass from, among others - agriculture and forestry - is essential for the realisation of the BBI’s ambitions.

EIP AGRI aims to foster a competitive and sustainable agriculture and forestry sector that "achieves more from less". It brings together innovation actors (farmers, advisors, researchers, businesses, NGOs, etc) and helps to build bridges between research and practice. EIP AGRI is therefore instrumental in mobilising actors on the ground and raise awareness on opportunities derived from European initiatives and partnerships such as the BBI that can trigger an additional source of income for farmers and foresters, while tackling some of Europe’s biggest societal challenges.