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BIC is a members and industry driven organisation dedicated to innovation and to bring bio-based products and materials to market through the BBI.

All relevant stakeholders such as large companies, SMEs, SME Clusters, RTOs, universities, regions, associations, technology platforms are welcome to join BIC at any point in time. BIC seeks to mobilise and centralise the pan-European bio-based expertise in order to put forth concrete and realistic annual Work Plans to be funded by the BBI.

BIC Full Membership

Full Membership is open to industrial and commercial companies, or any other kind of legal entity representing industrial and commercial companies, which are active in the field of bio-based industries:

  • Active in Europe through either research, innovation or demonstration along the value chain and actively involved in building businesses and business cases to contribute to a more competitive, efficient and sustainable Europe.
  • More specific: Active in the field of the production, logistics, or transformation and/or processing of biomass, including waste/residues (e.g. via biorefineries) with existing and new processes into a spectrum of innovative marketable products and energy and as such actively taking part or building new innovative bio-based value chains.

Industry Members have the following rights:

  • attending or being represented at all meetings of the General Assembly;
  • voting at all General Assembly meetings;
  • calling for special and/or extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly, being understood that such meetings are only to be held if requested by at least one third of the Industry Members;
  • participating to the activities of the Association, such as working groups, with voting rights;
  • being eligible as chairperson of Working Groups.

Industry Members are eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors of BIC.

More details on the membership rights, rules and fees can be found in the BIC Statutes and BIC Internal Rules that serve as eligibility criteria for Full Membership.


This new category of industry members has been introduced recently. Brand owners can join BIC at a reduced membership fee, but without access to the activities of the Programming working group. Participation of brand owners to BBI projects is seen as an advantage: they can participate to project consortia and as such include the development of commercial applications in the research, demo or flagship projects. This will shorten time to market for new innovative bio-based products. Brand owners can of course also join as full industry member if they would like to influence directly the development of the annual work programme.

Once completed, please send it to: After receipt of the completed forms, we may contact you for more information.

Application procedure

  • Download the Application Form.
  • The BIC Board reviews and decides on applications that are then presented to BIC's General Assembly for formal approval.
  • Once approved by the General Assembly, Full Members can immediately become active in the BIC working groups that, together with the European Commission, work on the establishment and deployment of the Bio-Based Industries PPP.

BIC Associate Membership

Legal entities that have an interest in the activities of the Bio-based Industries Consortium, but are not bio-based industries per se, can apply for Associate Membership.

Associate Members enjoy the following rights:

  • participating in the General Assembly, without voting rights, upon specific invitation by BIC Chairperson;
  • participating in Working Groups on invitation by the Chair;
  • contributing to Programming Taskforces and stakeholdersconsultations.

More details on the associate membership categories, rights, rules and fees are described in the Internal Rules, and serve as eligibility criteria.

Download the Application Form. After receipt of the completed forms, we may contact you for more information.

Approval procedure

  • The BIC Board reviews and decides on applications that are then presented to BIC's General Assembly for formal approval.
  • Once approved by the General Assembly, Associate Members can immediately benefit from the Associate Membership status.

Obligations of BIC members

Members shall have the following obligations:

  • payment of an annual membership fee as specified in the Internal Rules;
  • incorporation of a contractual clause in the consortium agreement of any BBI JU project in which they are partner,
  • if BBI JU project coordinator, contribute to the collection and/or transmittance of the project contribution in accordance with the contractual clause.
  • adherence to, observance of and compliance with the contractual clause;
  • payment of any part of the project contribution due;
  • reporting in accordance with the BBI JU Regulation on implementing additional activities outside the work plan of the BBI JU that contribute to its objectives.