Transfurans Chemicals

TransFurans Chemicals (TFC) is a pioneer in furfural chemicaIs based in Geel, Belgium. For the past 45 years the company has been producing basic chemicals from renewable raw materials. The chemistry is based on agricultural waste products and is a good example of a proven sustainable business.

The Belgian production plant has been in operation since 1972 and operates a round-the-clock chemical manufacturing using the hydrogenation and polymerization facilities with a yearly manufacturing capability of more than 40 000 MT.

TransFurans ChemicaIs is the leading chemical manufacturer of furfuryl alcohol. This reactive alcohol has determined the success of this bio-based chemical industry. This renewable chemical plays a vital role in the production of foundry sand binders for metal castings. The TransFurans chemica! platform finds its origins in the conversion of hemicellulose to furfural. Furfural, a C02-neutral chemical is converted into furfuryl alcohol. This renewable alcohol is subsequently polymerized to polyfurfuryl alcohol (PFA or Poly- FA). Poly-FA is the basis of the thermoset resin systems: BioRez™ - Furolite™.

Poly-FA is a liquid thermoset available in a wide range of viscosities and polymerization is mediated by acid catalysts or temperature. Curing yields a hard, rigid and highly crosslinked polymer with unique high temperature properties.