Stella Polaris AS

Stella Polaris AS, located in Northern Norway, is one of the world’s largest producers of cooked and peeled coldwater prawns. From the wild caught prawns it is generated as much prawn shell as finished products (peeled prawn). Stella Polaris has since 2008 been dedicated to exploiting the opportunities of using and maximizing the value of prawn shell and other marine by-products. Stella Polaris dedicated commitment is reflected in the establishment of the two companies Marealis AS (100% ownership) and Marealis Innovation AS (30% ownership). Through the company Marealis AS, Stella Polaris has, based on the prawn shell, developed, clinically documented and got regulatory approved the best documented and most effective blood pressure lowering product (PreCardix®) in the nutraceutical market today. Through Marealis Innovation AS Stella Polaris is cooperating with other seafood companies for the development of new products based on side streams from the seafood production. Stella Polaris AS is also producing dry prawn shell powder for use as food ingredients.