Sildarvinnslan ltd. is the largest processor of fish meal and fish oil in lceland and oparates two fishmeal plant, one pelagic processing plant, a groundfish facililty and in conjuction to this a storage facility for frozen products that hosts up to 20.000 metric tons of products. lt' s main operation is in Neskaupstadur at the East coast of lceland. The company and its subsidaries oparates 3 pelagic vessels, 3 ground fish trawlers and one groundfish factory trawler. Typical production quantities are 30 - 40 kT frozen pelagics, 3 kT ground fish and 100 kT of fish meal and oil.

Sildarvinnslan ltd. is in constant renovation, process alterations and product developement. The largest individual process stream is fish protein a final product as fish meal, mainly for Salman feed. A large portion is in the form of carcass and offgraded fish from pelagic processing to human consuption and is discarded to the fishmeal plant in contious flow and processed to fish meal and oil. Our potential is better utilization of this material into bio-based products with best possible technology for higher end products.