Orineo is a small Belgian SME dedicated to the bio-based economy. The company kick started following a European Project on ecological (bio-based) binders.

Orineo focuses on designing, developing, producing bio-based materials with aesthetic properties, based on a significant incorporation of agro-industrial residues. Colour and texture of the materials are obtained by these agro-industrial residues: no colorants or prints are used.

Orineo materials are currently used for interior decoration applications, such as floor covering, wall covering and furniture. The materials are positioned up-market, targeting the 'LOHAS' (=Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) market segment.

Orineo’s materials are branded as 'Touch of Nature ®' and have been awarded as 'Biomaterial of the Year 2016' at the international conference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne, April 2016.

Next to the material innovation, Orineo also innovates with a unique positioning strategy, based on matching the expectations of the target consumer category. This positioning strategy can be implemented to other bio-based materials.