Norske Skog

Norske Skog Golbey (NSG) is the French business unit of the Norwegian paper group Norske Skog, a global leader in the printing paper industry.

Norske Skog Golbey is one of the biggest paper mills in Europe, producing newsprint (capacity 600 000 t/year) from a mix of two different raw materials: recovered papers (2/3) and softwood (1/3).

Since many years, the French paper mill Norske Skog Golbey is actively engaged in sustainable development, circular economy and industrial ecology. Due to a very challenging situation on the paper market, its core business, Norske Skog Golbey has decided to develop a diversification strategy to assure its competitiveness and sustainability. In that respect, bio-based activities are seen as good opportunities: there are indeed many connections with the paper activities and process, especially linked to the company's know-how in wood material supply and preparation.

The Golbey paper mill aims to produce biogas by the end of 2018 thanks to an ongoing investment inside its wastewater treatment plant.

Norske Skog Golbey coordinates the BBI JU Demonstration project SYLVEED - From forest to feed: enable the wood industry to bridge the protein gap. The SYLFEED project will start to bridge the protein gap by upscaling a bio-refinery concept that can convert woody biomass into high-value Single Cell Protein (SCP) for use as animal feed, most notably in increasing fish production.

Norske Skog Golbey mill