MicroHarvest (Germany)

As the world faces an unprecedented challenge to meet a fast-growing protein demand,
MicroHarvest is pushing boundaries to deliver the sustainable protein ingredients of the

Through their cutting-edge technologies and driven teams, they harness the power of
nature’s best protein factories: microorganisms.

Their ambition is to produce nutritious, sustainable proteins, to achieve the resilient food
system of tomorrow- driving impact today.

MicroHarvest understands the needs of food, petfood and feed manufacturers and meet
their demands with a Smaller, Better, Faster solution.

Smaller: Their production system needs thousands of times less space and a fraction of the
water, compared to animal or plant-derived ingredients, to achieve the same protein
outputs, making us more agile in scaling and meeting our customers’ supply needs.

Better: Their protein ingredients are packed with micro-nutrients and vitamins, contain no
allergens over 60% raw protein. For MicroHarvest, ‘Better’ also means offering a more
sustainable solution. Their smaller footprint and high effectiveness mean that their
product saves emissions, compared to other commercially available protein ingredients.

Faster: Their unique technology allows us to produce proteins within a whooping 24 hours
from input to final product. The protein of the future can be made in tanks, 365 days a year,
everywhere in world, in any climate or weather conditions!

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