Metsä Group

Metsä Group is a Finnish forest industry group that operates in international markets. Metsä Group produces renewable and high-quality products from northern forests responsibly and efficiently. Metsä Group’s business operations cover the entire value chain for wood.

In addition to recyclable paperboards, tissue and cooking papers, pulp and wood products, Metsä Group’s production plants generate biochemicals: tall oil and turpentine, as well as bioenergy in various forms: solid biofuels, steam, heat and electricity. About 86 per cent of the Group's total energy use is based on renewable energy. Metsä Group is involved in business value chains from forestry up to consumer products and thus has deep understanding required for industry renewal.

Metsä Group employs approximately 9300 people in some 30 countries. Metsäliitto Cooperative, the parent company of Metsä Group, is owned by 104,000 Finnish forest owners.

Metsä Fibre, which is part of Metsä Group, has built a new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski in Central Finland. With a value of EUR 1.2 billion, the bioproduct mill is the largest investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry. It creates more than 2,500 jobs throughout the value chain in Finland, with 1,500 of them being new jobs.

Metsä Group is a partner in BBI JU Research & Innovation projects ‘EFFORTE’ (Efficient forestry by precision planning and management for sustainable environment and cost-competitive bio-based industry), ‘PROVIDES’ (PROcesses for Value added fibres by Innovative Deep Eutectic Solvents) and ‘SmartLi’ (Smart Technologies for the Conversion of Industrial Lignins into Sustainable Materials), as well as in Demonstration projects ‘LigniOx’ (Lignin oxidation technology for versatile lignin dispersants) and ‘BIOMOTIVE’ (Advanced BIObased polyurethanes and fibres for the autoMOTIVE industry with increased environmental sustainability)