ChainCraft develops and exploits proprietary fermentation processes to produce biochemicals from organic waste and residues. The first product range, C4 to C8 Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), can be used in existing and new applications in e.g. animal feed, lubricants, plasticizers, polymers, coatings and flavours and fragrances. The main product, the C6 fatty acid Caproic Acid, can serve as an important intermediate for a C6 chemistry platform. The C4-C8 fatty acids are currently being derived from palm (kernel) oil or fossil oil. With the production of these acids via ChainCraft’s technology platform a major reduction in CO2 emissions can be realized, contributing to a more sustainable, circular, biobased chemical industry.

ChainCraft uses open mixed culture fermentation as technology to produce its fatty acids. This non-GMO, non-sterile, continuous type fermentation leads to several operational and cost advantages. Due to the nature of the technology, a wide range of low grade feedstocks like food waste, agricultural residues or the organic fraction of municipal solid waste can be used.