Celtic Renewables

Celtic Renewables is a micro SME with 8 employees.

Celtic Renewables Ltd’s strategy is to apply microbiology expertise and modern process technology to the Weizmann fermentation process to provide first class solutions for the production of next generation biofuel. The revived fermentation technology is already proven on a global scale dating back to the 1950’s.

In uniquely combining the whisky by-products, Celtic Renewables Ltd adapt the traditional Weizmann Fermentation process (also known as Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol or ABE fermentation) to a brand new and entirely sustainable novel substrate - not only providing a sustainable disposal route for the by-products of one of the UK’s largest and most iconic industries, but also integrating renewable energy production with environmental sustainability and carbon reduction, by producing sustainable biobutanol as a direct replacement for fossil road fuel to help meet the EU biofuel targets, together with a sustainable source of other high value products.

Celtic Renewables received several awards, among others the EuropaBio award of Most innovative biotech SME.