BioEconomy Cluster

The BioEconomy Cluster combines the expertise of over 50 research and industry partners, covering the local network of the bioeconomy and the entire innovation chain. The main target is the global exemplary realisation of bioeconomy in the region oft he German Federal States Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony, based on non-food biomass at first using beechwood as the bio-source. The cluster partners include innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and highly specialized research institutes.

The BioEconomy Cluster is working on solutions for a future bio-based industry. Products for example are innovative construction systems and materials, wood plastic composites, base chemicals intermediates, biopolymers, drop-in fuels, biogas and methane.

R&D is one of the main tasks of the BioEconomy Cluster. The Cluster members are working on the Extension of the value-added chains by cascade utilization and combined production.

The BioEconomy Cluster strives for the development of competitive sustainable products through the entire value-added chain. Furthermore the bio-based industries should be developed in the whole region.