Ava Biochem

AVA Biochem has developed, piloted and patented a fully water-based process for the conversion of industrial sugars into the 100% bio-based molecule 5-HMF. This platform chemical is ideally positioned to advantageously replace petroleumsourced chemicals in various mass-market applications, due to its versatility, nontoxicity and bio-sourcing. Targeted applications include biopolymers (yarn, films, packaging), as well as resins and adhesives, where 5-HMF replaces highly toxic formaldehyde. Using Hydrothermal Processing (HTP), an innovative water-based process, we convert renewable feedstocks into valuable 5-HMF and produce novel, innovative, organically-derived chemicals. Our technology and bio-based platform chemicals guarantee high industrial value, environmental benefits and cost-effective solutions, opening the door to green chemistry. The sustainable production of 5-HMF and its derivatives offers a real alternative to the use of petroleum in the packaging, construction, textile, cosmetics, food and health industries amongst others. We offer solutions for innovative companies seeking to address rising customer demand for less damaging, more sustainable products.