Antonio Tarazona

Antonia Tarazona is one of the leading fertilizers companies in Spain for the solidity, efficiency and quality of its products. lt has a great experience more than 50 years in relation with the production and distribution of solid and liquid fertilizers and agronutrients.

Our products are specially conceived to cover all the needs of a technica! agriculture which needs more specific solutions. Furthermore they are manufactured according the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and under the principles of sustainable agriculture and they adapt to the characteristics of each type of erop according to the soil conditions and to the climate.

BBl's products perfectly fit with our great project Fertilosophy®. Thus, Tarazona's interest is to jein BBI to take part in the projects and introduce bio products into de agricultural market, making the final product, and this way, adding value to the supply chain. To belang all product destinated to appropriate agriculture to close like this the cycle in a circular economy of bio products.