AEP Polymer

AEP Polymers is an innovation based company located in Northern Italy that develops new polymers and formulations starting from bio-based raw materials (purified natural oils or molecular building blocks from fermentation/biorefinery processes).

AEP Polymers focuses on applied R&D in the field of industrial polymers and intelligent formulations from non-edible biomasses, from algae and fish oils to bio-aromatics, like Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) and lignin. Their peculiar chemical structures are a perfect starting point to pursue innovative chemical routes and deliver performing materials for demanding industrial applications in composites, polyurethanes, coatings and adhesives.

The company was born in 2013 from the idea of 4 researchers in the biopolymers field and the financial backup of a Luxembourg-based investor. AEP focuses mainly on applied research, bespoke formulation and process troubleshooting, scale-up and industrialization of the new developed polymers and formulations.

AEP also performs preliminary market evaluation and market penetration analysis to identify the key properties that the new materials should exhibit and the best angle to generate customer interest/acceptance. AEP does not perform direct production above the lab-scale but teams up with industrial partners that follow the scale-up, logistics and commercialization aspects.