Benjamin Gonzalez - METabolic EXplorer

"BBI JU’s role is key as it supports financial risk-taking by industries, at all development stages, and leverages the benefits created by the bioeconomy."

Benjamin Gonzalez, CEO METabolic EXplorer

"EU’s main challenges are economic and environmental; providing industrial alternatives that are at once competitive & sustainable should be the drivers of the bio-based industry. METEX Biotechnology solutions contribute to create value by industrializing technologies to address societal expectations, in various areas, from animal nutrition personal care to bioplastics. BBI JU’s role is key in fostering innovation and bridging the gap from R&D to industrialization; it supports financial risk-taking by industries, at all stages of development, and it accelerates the technologies and products deployment to boost the impact and benefits of the bioeconomy."

Benjamin Gonzalez is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of METabolic Explorer that he founded in 1999. A driving force in the company's development, he is in charge of devising and implementing its strategy, particularly with regard to financial matters and business development. Under his leadership, the company has entered a phase of industrial and commercial development. Benjamin Gonzalez has an engineering degree and a PhD in biotechnology.

METabolic EXplorer is a French green chemistry company that develops and patents innovative, fermentation-based industrial processes. METEX is a pioneer in biological chemistry and provides competitive bio-based industrial solutions to produce chemicals from renewable feedstock.

METEX is partner in the BBI JU project ValChem: ‘MAKING WOOD GO FURTHER’ - Realising the feedstock and technology base for the next generation of chemicals and materials.

The project ValChem aims to demonstrate a new and sustainable value chain, creating monopropylene glycol (bio-MPG) and lignin-based performance chemicals from wood.

In the ValChem project, METEX leads the sugar to bio-MPG (MonoPropylene Glycol) process (orange box).