Bart Labrie - SUSPACC

"Joining the Bio-based Industries Consortium helps our company members to get access to European resources in order to realize a green economy in our region and in the rest of Europe"

2017 SUSPACC Bart Labrie

Bart Labrie is the chairman and one of the founding fathers of SUSPACC (Sustainable Products and Chemicals Cluster), an organization of green chemistry SME companies in the region Drenthe (the Netherlands).

Bart Labrie is since 5 year CEO and owner of H&P Moulding, a highly specialised injection moulding company focusing on the manufacture of high quality and precision moulding parts for the high tech industry and for medical devices.Bart has more than 25 years international experience in the (plastic) packaging industry in technical, commercial and general management positions in Brazil, UK and Germany.

He obtained his M.Sc. degree in Engineering from Delft Technical University in 1988.

Bio-economy projects:

One of the Suspacc bio-economy projects is developing degradable biopolymers for dolley ropes. Dolley ropes are used by the fishing industry to protect the fishing nets when fishing at the bottom of the see. The dolley ropes are made of conventional plastic (polypropylene) and do not degrade in water. This leads to plastics floating around that cause damage to marine life and birds. Many dolley ropes are found at the beaches of the North Sea. Senbis Polymer Innovations is developing and testing dolley ropes based on degradable biopolymers. The tests are being doing done in cooperation with fisherman to complete field tests on the North Sea and at the 'Innovatiecentrum voor Visserij' in Stellendam the Netherlands, where Sea fishing conditions are simulated and the test can be closely monitored.