There are many ways in which members can get involved in BIC’s work and benefit from membership:

  • Defining the BBI annual Work Plan
    BIC members put forward ideas for research topics, demonstration projects and flagship projects for the annual BBI Work Plans. They also decide how to address non-technical issues affecting the bio-based industries. This input has a direct influence on the development of the EU bioeconomy.
  • Taking part in winning EU grant proposals
    From their involvement in developing the BBI annual Work Plan, BIC members receive early insights on which to base project proposals, even before the official publication of the BBI Call for Proposals. This early information gives BIC members an advantage in writing successful project proposals and winning EU grants.
  • Access to European financial instruments.
    BIC members are better informed about access to funding, loans and grants from EU institutions like the European Investment Bank (EIB). Online reference tools are also available to support members applying for funds.
  • Connecting with potential project partners
    BIC private Partnering Events provide a platform for members to network with other key players in the bio-based sector. The online Partnering Platform is another support for members to find potential project partners.
  • Receiving discounts for major events
    BIC members receive discounted entrance to bioeconomy events such as the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) or the BIO World Congress for Indusrial Biotechnology.
  • Staying up to date
    A regular newsletter keeps members informed on the latest policy developments affecting the bioeconomy, the BBI, relevant events and more. Download the leaflet on BIC and The Benefits of Membership

Download the leaflet on BIC and The Benefits of Membership