TIPA Corp is an SME company from Israel with 30 employees. It was founded to create viable plastic packaging solutions. Turnover for 2016 is expected at 100K USD TIPA targets the market for flexible food packaging.

TIPA’s vision is that flexible plastic packaging will have the same end-of-life organic waste has, yet also offer consumers and brands the same durability and shelf life they have come to expect of ordinary plastics. Yet bio-degradable and compostable packaging can only succeed if it has the same protective functionality as any equivalent “ordinary” plastic package – act as a barrier between food and the environment. It should also seamlessly fit into today’s manufacturing practices.

Flexible plastic is generally made by blending different polymers together, which makes it nearly impossible for recycling plants to treat. As a result, the vast majority of flexible plastic packaging ends up in landfills or incineration centers, which are the two worst waste disposal options from an environmental standpoint according to the EU.

TIPA has created innovative flexible food packaging solutions that are compostable and bio-based, changing the flexible plastic market from a linear to a circular model that produces valuable raw materials in the form of feedstock for composting facilities. By replacing polluting fossil fuels with biomaterials, TIPA's products are starting to shift the industry away from fossil fuels and towards an increasingly bio-based future.