Soremartec Italia- Gruppo Ferrero

Soremartec (Société de Recherche de Marketing et Technique) Italia Srl was founded in 1989 as a branch of Ferrero Group, the Italian food brand. The company has its headquarters in Alba, Italy and has 350 employees.

Soremartec’s mission is to create and test new products with a strong technological barrier, in order to have improved industrial products with a strong competitive advantages. Soremartec provides to the Ferrero Group performance, information, scientific and clinical studies, for creating and launching new products and for ensuring the continuous process innovation and improving existing ones.

Soremartec's activities are focused on new products development and characterisation, continuous upgrading of current products through sensory evaluation, improvement of self-life, research of new raw material, improvement of food safety, cost production and packaging with a particular attention to the sustainability.

Soremartec has been involved in a several research projects at regional, national and also European levels on Food Safety, Quality and Nutrition of raw material and products, technical processes and sustainable packaging.