Bio Eco Energy Company

Bio Eco Energy Company LTD (BEECO) is a Croatian SME that commercially cultivates and distributes the woody Miscanthus x giganteus “King of fiber” - the best crop for energy farming, biomass energy generation, biofuels, and chemicals production.

BEECO develops sustainable biomass feedstock supply chains in Croatia. The company is a specialist for Miscanthus x giganteus biomass, from the production of rhizomes and seedlings to suppling industrial furnaces and electrical plants. The company aims to become a leading producer/distributer of Miscanthus x giganteus planting material and supplier of cellulosic biomass feedstock in the Western Balkans region.

BEECO also serves agribusinesses and farmers by providing plants and helping with crop establishment and growth. In addition, BEECO offers biomass procurement planning services, such as needs assessment, finding local producers, planting crops, logistical arrangements for procurement, industries, and communities.