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Exipnos GmbH

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Headquarters: Germany
Type: SME
Sector: Chemicals & Materials

Exipnos GmbH

Exipnos GmbH has been the consortium leader of the RUBIO project since September 2021. The aim of the project, which is supported by the German Ministry of Research BMBF, is to set up a complete regional value chain for the biopolymer PBS. This includes the production from biogenic raw materials, providing the materials ready for processing and organizing the processing into everyday objects and packaging with the leading companies in the region. The cycle is rounded off by the recycling of the material. 

Exipnos will lead and organize the production of the material from the fermentation of the building blocks to the ready-to-use polymer. 

We also research, develop and produce special compounds for a wide variety of applications, from the automotive to the construction or food industries. Our production, like our project management, is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, we are constantly working on new technologies with well-known research institutions, leading machine builders and customers. 

This is how innovative bioplastics such as the outdoor porcelain BioCelain® are created in our laboratories.

 Another result of our research and development work is the direct compounding technology DCIM, which reduces the energy consumption in the production of injection molded parts by about half and allows a significantly more flexible and energy-saving production of plastic products. This process is ideal for processing biopolymer compounds because it is very gentle on the materials. 

Welcome to the first BIOPOLYMER region...