World Bioeconomy Forum

11 September 2018 to 13 September 2018
Ruka, Finland

The first World BioEconomy Forum – The BioEconomy celebrates nature - will be held in Ruka, Finland. World BioEconomy Forum seeks to inspire public and private sector bioeconomy stakeholders to explore innovative ways of harnessing the unique bio-resources of Europe’s northern region in pursuit of a sustainable and economically meaningful northern bioeconomy. The Forum will gather prominent stakeholders in the worldwide bioeconomy for roundtable talks and showcases of biodiversity in practice in the middle of the forest.

World BioEconomy Forum offers a chance to shape the future of the evolving Bioeconomy: the opportunity to work together now and take actions to set a wider example on how to deliver a sustainable future.

The program is based on themes that will be covered in panel sessions.

  1. Biostrategies are evolving
  2. Forests mitigating climate change
  3. Evolving value chains based on bio-feedstock
  4. Circular Bioeconomy – minimizing losses
  5. In the middle of the forest – tourism and forest industry head to head

There will also be a practical field trip to Finnish boreal forest to see in practice how wood is harvested and how forests are renewed. This has been a practice in Finland for decades resulting in all time high growth rates and most healthy forests among boreal zone.

BIC will be present with a small booth.