Plant Based Summit 2017 - The Biobased Solutions international conference and exhibition

25 April 2017 to 27 April 2017
Lille, France

Plant Based Summit will launch its 4th edition in Lille, with an even sharpened positioning on the innovation, the co-development and its operational implementation for the necessary deployment of bio-based products. It will be the opportunity for the participants to contribute to the evolution of plant-based, green and sustainable chemistry!

The focus of the PBS 2017 Conference is to stimulate biobased products development through a market driven approach. The conference program intends to demonstrate how a higher uptake of biobased solutions in everyday products will benefit to consumers and meet their expectations.

Featuring Agnes van Ardenne, BIC Board member, President of Dutch Biorefinery Cluster as Keynote speaker: "Taking stock of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy"