EIP-AGRI Workshop: 'Building new biomass supply chains for the bio-based economy'

27 May 2015 to 28 May 2015
Alghero, Italy

Building new low-carbon, resource-efficient and sustainable value chains based on agricultural and forestry biomass to produce biochemicals, biomaterials and bioenergy will contribute to the diversification of rural economy and the reinforcement of the industrial base creating rural growth and employment, and will help to meet energy and climate policy targets for 2030. Indeed, bio-based products can have a lower environmental and climate footprint than products based on non-renewable raw materials. There is a high potential for the production, mobilisation and use of renewable raw materials (notably lignocellulose such as agricultural and forestry residues, industrial crops, by-products/co-products and waste) for industrial applications.
The overall objective of the workshop is to help set up and foster co-operation mechanisms between agriculture/forestry and industry to guarantee:

  • A steady and reliable supply of renewable raw materials for the industry without compromising sustainability;
  • and a fair income for the farmer and forest holders.

Specific objectives:

  • To engage relevant actors including farmers, forest holders, cooperatives, industries, national/regional public authorities, advisers and innovation support services.
  • To identify and address technical, economic, regulatory and social barriers for the setting up of new biomass supply chains.
  • To ensure sustainability of the biomass supply chain.

Participants include farmers, forest holders, cooperatives, national/regional public authorities, advisers and innovation support services, representatives from different industry sectors, clusters and financial bodies. As far as possible, participants with practical experience have been invited.