CO2 Utilisation as a Strong Catalyst for the European Industrial Renaissance

29 June 2016
Brussels, Belgium

On the 29th of June, SCOT will have its closing conference. In it, we will present the Research and Development and the regulatory needs that SCOT has identified as levers for the development of CO2 Utilisation. The day will be split in two parts:

  • In the morning, the CO2 recycling community will gather key industrial and academic players in order to discuss the SERIA and the next steps necessary to implement the Joint Action Plan.
  • During the afternoon, we will discuss with European and regional policy makers what can be done from a policy perspective to allow the industrial deployment of these technologies. High-level ministerial exchanges on that matter will be promoted and members of the European committee will give their thoughts about the potential of CO2 transformation in the European industry.

The agenda of this meeting will be circulated in the coming months but do not forget to book the date in your calendar. We are looking forward to seeing you there!