BIOrescue workshop: Towards a circular bioeconomy in Spanish industry

11 October 2018
Madrid, Spain

Every year, almost 160 tonnes of agricultural and industrial by-products are wasted in Spain according to its national Bioeconomy Strategy. The untapped potential of these sustainable biomass resources can be exploited by Spanish industry to develop innovative and fossil fuel free products, leading the way to a circular bioeconomy scenario. The event will be the chance for industry professionals, researchers and decision makers to discover the process developed within the BBI JU BIOrescue project to exploit the potential of unused biomass in the mushroom industry. In addition, biorefinery experts will unveil the innovative products created through the new process, presenting their market applications and potential. During the workshop, participants will also be invited to discuss opportunities to close the loop in the Spanish bioeconomy sector, as well as new standards for sustainable bio-based products.