Bio-economy research and innovation in Lower Austria

23 May 2018
Tulln, Austria

Launch of 2 new BBI projects in Lower Austria: SUSBIND and SUSFERT: around €10 million will be granted to new industry driven projects funded by the BBI-JU and coordinated by RTDS_Group.

The overall objective of the SUSBIND project is to produce and test, in an industrially relevant environment, bio-based binders as alternative to formaldehyde-based binder currently used in the production of wood-based panel board (abbreviated as wood board). The €5.4 million worth project is going to be a collaborative effort of 11 partners, including IKEA, Cargill, Valbopan and TU Dresden and will last 4 years. SUSFERT addresses the massive usage of mineral fertilisers in EU agriculture, which are largely based on non-renewable resources, but are required in intensive crop production for meeting demands for food and feed. SUSFERT total project cost is €9.7 million over the 5 years of collaborative work among 11 partners including AGRANA, Sappi, Austrian Institute of Technology, BOKU Vienna and ACIES Bio.