Guidance for evaluating bio-based projects' contribution to SDGs

September 2020

BIC has commissioned guidance produced by the Institute of European Environmental Policy (IEEP) enabling the bio-based industries to better measure how bio-based projects contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This first-of-its-kind guidance for the bio-based sector sets out specific indicators and the methodological steps for assessing the impact of bio-based projects on SDGs, whether they are financed through public or private sources or realised independently.

The guidance consists of three parts.

  • Part I focuses on identifying those SDGs and SDG targets that are of key relevance in the context of the bio-based industry sector. It also helps to interpret what the rather general and globally oriented SDGs mean when implemented in the bio-based industry context.
  • Part II sets out the methodology used to develop the framework for assessing the “SGD performance” of bio-based projects. The framework includes indicators for assessing the foreseen impact of bio-based projects on key SDGs helping to determine thresholds for both no-harm and positive contribution to SDGs.
  • Part III sets out the steps to follow when assessing the contribution of your bio-based project or initiative towards the selected SDGs.

You can consult the full report by clicking on the link above.