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AmphiStar offers a portfolio of locally produced microbial biosurfactants to companies seeking to develop sustainable, performant & affordable products. AmphiStar is the first company to produce and offer sophorolipid products which are 100% sourced from biobased waste- and side streams. Our products are not linked to fossil feedstocks, direct land use or deforestation and offer a sustainable alternative to our customers.


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Futerro, is a well-established Belgian Company and was the first to work on the development of lactic acid and Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) as early as 1992. Futerro has extensive industrial experience in lactic acid and PLA production on different substrates and is continuously upgrading its processes to produce high quality PLA with improved properties: RENEW PLA™.


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MAASH is a mycoprotein producing company that supply a a nutritious and health feed and food protein ingredient to its B2B partners.


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HYDROHM is a technology developer focusing on the development of electrochemical processes on aqueous streams. In the bio-based industries, electrochemical processes can be applied for in-situ generation of acid or base for e.g. pH control of fermentations, and for extraction of ionic compounds for recovery from product or side streams.


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Wagralim is the AgriFood Cluster in Wallonia, focusing on partnership, innovation and internationalization to support value creation within its industrial companies.

Procter & Gamble

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Established in 1837, P&G is one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. Our brands have been inspired by the needs of consumers and we've been making a difference to everyday life in Europe since 1930, when P&G opened its first subsidiary in the United Kingdom. We now sell our brands everywhere in the EU, employ more than 30,000 people in the region, and have on-the-ground operations in almost every European country.

Flanders’ Food

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In Flanders the food industry is the largest economic sector in the manufacturing industry, and also the largest employer. As spearhead cluster agri-food, Flanders' FOOD focuses mainly on the economic growth of the Flemish food industry. Flanders' FOOD thereby mainly acts as an enabler for innovation, and an integrator to create a trust zone of open innovation with all stakeholders in the agri-food business complex.

AB Inbev

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AB InBev is a global brewery with Headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, with a brewing heritage that dates back more than 600 years to the Artois brewery. AB InBev was formed through successive mergers of three international brewing groups: Interbrew from Belgium, AmBev from Brazil, and Anheuser-Busch from the United States. It is the world's largest brewer with 200.000 employees and a portfolio of more than 400 brands.


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Sappi is a global company focused on providing dissolving wood pulp, paper pulp, paper-based and biochemical solutions to its customers in over 150 countries.


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