BIC Working Groups

Working Groups have been established to consider specific matters of common interest within the Objectives of the Association under the authority of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors defines the mission statements and terms of references for each Working Group.

BIC Programming working group (PWG)

The PWG consists of all industry members and has as a prime task the development of the topics for the Annual Work Plans (AWPs). After approval by the BIC board and the CBE JU Governing Board, the AWPs will be published and a few months later launched as the annual calls of the CBE JU. A small Programming Core Team (PCT) prepares details of the topics for further discussion with the PWG. PCT membership is reviewed on an annual basis.

The PWG works with the associate members to increase the innovativeness level of the topics and ensure their ability to realise the strategic orientations of the bio-based industry in Europe.

The basis for the AWP topics is an annual Priority Paper, developed with input from industry and associate members, advisory bodies of the CBE JU and other relevant stakeholders. The topics therefore have the support and commitment of BIC’s industry members and are relevant to the bio-based industries sector as a whole.

The PWG also assists in updating the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SIRA) when needed.

BIC Public Affairs working group (PA)

The Public Affairs working group (PA-PR WG) outlines the advocacy and communications strategy of BIC and engages with key bioeconomy stakeholders and decision-makers, aiming for a favourable political, legal, social and economic environment for bio-based industries in Europe.

BIC focuses its attention on mainstreaming the bioeconomy concept beyond the research and innovation policy and making the initiative a political priority, advocating for a coherent, flexible and stimulating policy environment for bio-based solutions.

BIC’s advocacy, communications and partnership-building activities ensure broad participation in the CBE JU Call for Proposals and help raise awareness and grow BIC’s membership.