2017 Call

The Annual Work Plan 2017 (AWP 2017) moved away from a strict biomass feedstock ‘push’ based on the traditional value chains, towards a demand for biomass to enable processing to respond adequately to a ‘pull’ from the end markets.

A total of 149 proposals were submitted in response to the 2017 Call. The number of proposals for each type of action is shown below:

  • CSA - 13 proposals
  • RIA – 67 proposals
  • IA – Demo - 62 proposals
  • IA – Flagship – 7 proposals

17 projects received BBI JU funding and were launched in 2018:

2 Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs)

  • BIOBRIDGES: Bridging Consumers, Brands and Bio Based Industry to improve the market of sustainable bio-based products
  • ICT-BIOCHAIN: ICT Tools in Efficient Biomass Supply Chains for Sustainable Chemical Production

10 Research and Innovation Actions

  • AQUABIOPRO-FIT: AQUAculture and Agriculture BIOmass side stream PROteins and bioactives for Feed, FITness and health promoting nutritional supplements
  • EXCornsEED: Separation, fractionation and isolation of biologically active natural substances from corn oil and other side streams.
  • iFermenter: iFermenter - conversion of forestry sugar residual streams to antimicrobial proteins by intelligent fermentation
  • NEWPACK: Development of new Competitive and Sustainable Bio-Based Plastics
  • Pro-Enrich: Development of novel functional proteins and bioactive ingredients from rapeseed, olive, tomato and citrus fruit side streams for applications in food, cosmetics, pet food and adhesives
  • Prolific: Integrated cascades of PROcesses for the extraction and valorisation of proteins and bioactive molecules from Legumes, Fungi and Coffee agro-industrial side streams
  • SUSBIND: Development and pilot production of SUStainable bio BINDer systems for wood based panels
  • UNRAVEL: UNique Refinery Approach to Valorise European Lignocellulosics
  • VIPRISCAR: Validation of an industrial process to manufacture isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) at pilot level
  • WoodZymes: Extremozymes for wood based building blocks: From pulp mill to board and insulation products

4 Demonstration projects

  • EFFECTIVE: Advanced Eco-designed Fibres and Films for large consumer products from biobased polyamides and polyesters in a circular EConomy perspecTIVE
  • ReInvent: Novel Products for Construction and Automotive Industries Based on Bio Materials and Natural Fibres
  • SpiralG: Production of phycocyanin from the spirulina arthrospira sp. Revisiting the sourcing, extraction and co-valorisation of the whole algae in the frame of an industrial biorefinery concept
  • SUSFERT: Sustainable multifunctional fertiliser – combining bio-coatings, probiotics and struvite for phosphorus and iron supply

1 Flagship

  • SWEETWOODS: Production and deploying of high purity lignin and affordable platform chemicals through wood-based sugars