Our Vision

Our vision is for a competitive, innovative and sustainable Europe: leading the transition towards a post-petroleum society while decoupling economic growth from resource depletion and environmental impact.

Together with pan-European and cross sector industries/SMEs, research organisations, universities, regions, and EU Member States, we will develop an economy that:

  • sources domestic renewable raw materials
  • produces food, feed, chemicals, materials and fuels locally
  • creates jobs in a broad range of sectors in Europe, triggering rural growth across regions
  • places sustainability, smart and efficient use of resources at the heart of industrial, business and social activities.

In this vision, the Bio-based Industries will optimise land use and food security through a sustainable, resource-efficient and largely waste-free utilisation of Europe’s renewable raw materials for industrial processing into a wide array of bio-based products:

  • Advanced transportation fuels[1]
  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Food ingredients and feed
  • Energy

In doing so, bio-based industries will play an important role in spurring sustainable growth and boosting Europe’s competitiveness by re-industrialising and revitalising rural areas, thus providing tens of thousands of high-skilled research, development and production jobs over the next decade.

[1] Biofuel from waste, residue and non-food cellulosic material, Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources (Article 21(2)). This means that any R&D, demonstration and flagships in the PPP dedicated to biofuel production will be based on waste, residue and non-food cellulosic feedstock.