BIC's EU priorities

Based in Brussels, at the heart of EU policymaking, BIC also represents the interests of its members towards the EU institutions by advancing key issues concerning Europe's bioeconomy. In 2019-2020 the key priorities below were identified. 

1. Secure a public-private partnership for a “Circular bio-based Europe” – the successor to the BBI JU.

2. Promote bio-based products as a solution in EU Circular Economy policy initiatives.

3. Establish a stable and predictable framework for bio-based products and guarantee a level playing field with fossil-based counterparts, by ensuring coherence between EU product regulations and R&D funding.

4. Promote a favourable framework for the bio-based industries in EU policy initiatives related to the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN SDGs.

5. Alleviate EU regulatory bottlenecks which hamper growth of the bio-based sector.

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