Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking launches

30 November 2021

The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) is the new partnership between the European Union and BIC builds on the success of its predecessor BBI JU.

BIC members have mobilised with our European Commission partners to realise the CBE JU. The circular bio-based industries are key enablers of the green transition towards an innovative, sustainable and competitive society. The work of CBE JU will contribute to the EU’s climate neutrality goal by 2050 and will support the implementation of EU policies working towards this objective. The initiative also underscores the political importance of the bioeconomy in advancing Europe’s competitive edge. By sparking innovation, stimulating collaboration, creating jobs and de-risking investments, CBE JU-funded projects will also boost the local economies across European regions, in particular in rural and coastal areas, and create a shared long-term strategic vision for the sector.

CBE JU is the new BBI JU

You can consult information about at Meanwhile, the BBI JU website remains active for the latest updates on CBE. You can reach the programme office with the email extension is, instead of the old but emails will still be received to the old address. If you are beneficiary of a BBI JU-funded project nothing changes for you and you can continue working on your project as before.