Buggypower is a young company dedicated to the production of biomass obtained from microalgae, which contains highly nutritional components such as polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA, DHA), vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and pigments, among others. All these are highly valuable in the preparation of nutraceuticals, food and feed, as well as for the production of biofuels (bio-crude).

Buggypower invests in a sustainable environmental commitment to integrate the reduction of greenhouse gases (mainly CO2) with the integral management of waste streams and by the production of biomass in a new innovative concept of biorefinery which uses CO2, sea water, sunlight and nutrients, to produce a biomass with high nutritional value which is utilised for various purposes.

The micro algae consume 1,87kg of CO2 per kg of dry biomass produced, thus reducing CO2 emissions and releasing O2. Furthermore, in order to close the loop, and support minimum waste, nutrients consumed by microalgae are recovered, purified by clean technologies and reintroduced in the microalgae cultures. Finally, the residual biomass which flow from the cleaning process are also utilised for obtaining biofuels.

Buggypower has developed a unique installation in its characteristics which produces bio-crude by hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), applying high pressures and temperatures to the biomass. This bio-crude oil can be used both for the production of biofuels or as starting point for a biorefinery composed of "building blocks".

Currently Buggypower has one of Europe's largest production plants in closed systems (1100 m3 with production 60t ms / a), with a strong initial investment in partnership with its strategic partner, the Electricity Company of Madeira (EEM). The production technology is based on the use of closed photo-bioreactors (FBRs), with air-lift, 8 meters high and arranged in sequence to optimize solar capture and bacteriological control, for a biomass maximum quality.