Nova Pangaea Technologies

Nova Pangaea Technologies (NPT) is a technology provider, established in 2008, to provide a novel waste biomass conversion technology to replace crude oil.

One of the major challenges facing the energy and petrochemical sectors is the quest to develop a technology that will guarantee, at oil industry scale, the effective, efficient and profitable conversion of non-food biomass into liquid fuels and a range of useful chemicals.

Nova Pangaea’s Lignocellulosic Technology fully fractionates biomass in order to produce C-5 and C-6 sugars of industrial purity, in large scale volumes at competitive prices, so that the liquid fuel and chemical sectors have a realistic replacement for crude oil based products.

Nova Pangaea Technologies’staged, progressive, physical and thermochemical Refnova™ process enables a complete fractionation of lignocellulosic materials into their constituent parts. The proprietary and patent-protected Refnova™ process process takes green feedstock as cut and uses no bioactives such as enzymes or bacteria. Internally catalysed it is continuous (“tubular”), fast (minutes), simple and clean.

Nova Pangaea’s process strategy is to deliver the highest possible yield of fuels and platform chemicals from renewable biomass feedstocks – Refnova™ is set to be the pathway to world class process efficiency and superior returns on investment.