ENCE Energia & Celulosa

Ence, Energy and Pulp, is the leading company in Europe in eucalyptus pulp production and is Spain's leading company in biomass-fueled renewable energy generation. The company is also a leader in the management of forest areas and crops for the production of natural materials (wood and cultivated biomass) which is necessary for the development of their business.

Ence Group business in Spain generates over 11,000 direct and indirect jobs, of which about 60% are related to forest management. Ence has pioneered certification projects undertaken in Spain. Ence produces more of 1,240,000 tons of high quality eucalyptus pulp at its plants in Navia (Asturias), Pontevedra and Huelva. ENCE exports over 85% of its pulp production.

Ence has undertaken major research efforts to develop energy crops using high efficiency, rapid-growth plant clones, enabling adaptation to different climates and terrains. The company has also developed automated growing and harvesting techniques ensuring optimization of investments and reducing operating costs. As a result of continuous efforts in R&D and the experience gained in the effective use of biomass, Ence has managed to develop 100% Spanish technology creating a situation where the group could lead a global project in the field of utilization of biomass for energy production.