Centre for Process Innovation Limited (CPI) is a UK based technology innovation centre serving the Industrial Biotechnology and Chemicals sectors, amongst others. Its role is to de-risk process development and provide proof-of-concept testing at scale to fast-track the commercialisation of next generation products and processes. CPI’s core competency lies in its ability to co-develop novel concepts into robust and economic processes using state-of-the-art and future technologies.

CPI is the UK’s flagship mechanism by which to provide public investment in the form of assets and resources to support innovation in industrial biotechnology.

CPI’s £24M state-of-the-art open access pilot and demonstration scale industrial biotechnology facility including laboratory testing and analysis is strengthened by in house engineering design, process modelling and simulation capabilities, microbial sciences, bio-processing, chemistry and project management expertise. CPI has successfully delivered over 300 projects and helped commercialise processes for the manufacture of proteins, cells, biochemicals and biofuels.

CPI intends to:

  • provide an open access facility to large and small businesses within Europe for the demonstration of novel bio-processes;
  • provide technical support to large and small businesses within Europe for the successful delivery of novel bioprocesses including engineering and design, process modelling and simulation, microbiology, chemistry and project management; and
  • address the cross-sectoral challenges through dedicated projects, by developing specific integrated sustainable technologies that utilise municiple solid waste and lignocellulosic feedstock ,to build efficient and cost competitive supply chains for the manufacture of advanced products, biofuels and biochemicals.