CLEA Technologies

CLEA Technologies is an SME with core competencies in the development of green, sustainable biocatalytic processes and a proprietary technology for enzyme immobilization as Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates (CLEAs).

CLEA’s research activities are focused on the development of novel technologies for the economically viable immobilization of enzymes with the goal of making biocatalytic production processes more cost-effective and sustainable. CLEAs have been produced from a broad range of enzymes. A more recent addition is the development of magnetic CLEAs that can be separated by magnetic decantation or used in a magnetically stabilized fluidized bed.

CLEA supplies immobilized enzymes, primarily but not exclusively as CLEAs, to the chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries. CLEA also produces, on an exclusive basis if required, custom immobilized enzymes from enzymes supplied by customers. Relevant examples are, inter alia, protease CLEAs for use in protein hydrolysis, lipase CLEAs for use in fats and oils hydrolysis, laccase-CLEAs for use in waste water treatment and polysaccharide oxidations and CLEAs of a variety of enzymes, such as nitrile hydratases, oxynitrilases and transaminases for use in organic synthesis. A variety of enzymes, immobilized as CLEAs for optimum operational performance, can be used in various stages of biomass (lignocellulose or triglycerides) conversion from pretreatment to final product.

CLEA’s partners and projects are diverse: custom immobilizations for enzyme manufacturers and/or users; optimization and implementation of enzymatic processes in pharma or oleochemicals; cost reduction by enzyme recycling in food and beverages.