BE Basic

BE-Basic Foundation is an international public-private partnership, headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands, to “develop industrial bio-based solutions for a sustainable society”. BE-Basic Foundation aims to provide a global outreach of ecologically-balanced scientific- technological knowledge and knowhow, through a network of international collaborations. A specific focus is on stimulating innovation all along the bio-based value chains, via participation of smaller companies, spin-outs, start-ups and high tech SME’s.

Description BE-Basic Foundation SME Cluster:

BioDetection Systems B.V. (BDS)
BDS develops and implements novel bio-based detection systems for safety and quality control of food, environment, and biobased raw materials fermentation products and biorenewables.

MicroLife Solutions B.V. (MLS)
MLS develops novel methods for metagenomics-based mining of nature’s microbial resources with an aim to discover and produce novel microbial-based bioactive compounds (antibiotics, enzymes, biosurfactants, etc).

BLGG Research B.V. (BLGG Research)
BLGG aims to contribute to sustainable agricultural production by developing systems for soil and crop quality assessment and recommendations. The strength of the company lies in the conversion of analytical and sensor data into increased returns for the farmer.

Bioclear B.V. (Bioclear)
Bioclear makes use of the power of nature to develop and apply new ways of bioremediation, biobased production and safety and control of water and soil.

ClearDetections B.V. (ClearDetections)
ClearDetections offers DNA-based test kits for the detection of plant pathogenic nematodes and is continuously looking for project opportunities to further develop the company.

Delft Advanced Biorenewables B.V. (DAB)
The goal of DAB is research, development and exploitation of the DIRC technology, a bioreactor technology in the field of biobased fuels and biorenewables that will make the production of biofuels technologically and commercially feasible.