2017 Call

The draft 2017 Annual Work Plan with topics for the 2017 Call has been put forward by the BIC Programming Working Group in September 2016 and will be finalised by end of December 2016, following consultation of the European Commission and the 2 Advisory bodies of the BBI JU: the States Representatives Group (SRG) and the Scientific Committee. The call will be officially launched in April 2017. However, BIC members and Associate members have access to the detailed topics via the BIC partnering platform as of October 2017. The following Strategic Orientations will be covered:

Strategic orientation 1: Feedstock

  • Biomass diversification: ‘beyond lignocellulose’
  • Resource efficiency: use ‘waste’ (various sources)

Strategic orientation 2: Process

  • Cascading
  • Keep ’complexity’ in biomass
  • Novel microbial and enzymatic activities

Strategic orientation 3: Products

  • New/additional functionality
  • Novel, breakthrough bio-based products
  • Protein and other high value products
  • Bio-based fertilising products
  • Value added lignin products

Strategic orientation 4: Market uptake

  • ICT to improve efficiency of biomass supply chain
  • Partnership with brand owners & consumer representatives